"IL Towing did a great job when it came to helping me with some roadside assistance last week.  I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from my hood and pulled over immediately.  I called a friend who referred me to ILTS.  Thankfully they service such a large area and were able to come aid me out in Northfield.  They were able to tow out my vehicle as well as rectify my problem in a short matter of time back at the shop. A+."

-MA, Northbrook, IL


  • Glenview, IL
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5.0 star rating


Great experience. My car had power, but wouldn't start with error messages pointing to the ABS system, so I called for a tow to the dealer. When I called, I was quoted the driver would be here in 90 minutes – he arrived within 60 minutes. Not only did he offer to help get my car out of my garage, he took the time to ask what was wrong. After I went through the issue with starting, he properly guessed that there was enough power to start the car (and the error messages were a symptom). He jumped my car and good as new! In all, he saved me money on the tow, a needless check at the dealer, and probably a lot more. Ex


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5.0 star rating


Lost my brakes in evanston today. Called its and rick the owner came out. I was wrong on an issue and Rick took the time to talk  to me and he turned out be 100 % right. Rick never got upset and was wiling to call for a flatbed if I wanted. Good tow this morning.  There is good service, this was above and beyond good.  

Patrick gluchman.

cellent experience from top to bottom!

"I originally called for a tow to the dealership, but the operator who picked up my car was able to diagnose the problem and I paid 1/2 of what I would have otherwise.  Ray was courteous and they also went above and beyond…picking up and dropping off my car at my office.  Great service!"

-Alex, Chicago, IL


  • Bolingbrook, IL
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5.0 star rating


My husbands car overheated on 294. We called several tow companies…(one was too far and the other one had no idea where we were) finally my husband called Illinois towing services, they sent someone right away to us, that someone was one of the sweetest people in the world Derrick. 

Derrick and my husband bonded over their mutual love of cars and it was such a pleasant ride home. 

Thank you so much for turning a crappy situation into a nice car ride home!

"ITS responded to our semi-trailer that was broke down on the highway, quick response and professional service.  We were able to get up and running again in no time.  Thanks again!"

-Sam, Peoria, IL


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4.0 star rating


I was impressed with the service from Illinois Towing. I called in to AAA on 8/3/15, the morning after a terrible storm in the Chicagoland area. We had to go stay at a hotel due to a power outage, and things were looking bleak when my car was undriveable in the morning. My Power Steering had gone out and per AAA the estimated wait time for a tow was almost two hours. 

Derek from Illinois Towing arrived approximately an hour after I called in.  
Needless to say, I was frustrated, hot, irritated and unpleasant by this point. 
Derek was sympathetic, professional, pleasant and courteous. 
I abruptly changed the location I wanted to tow the car to and he expertly found the address. 

I work in the automotive sector and was very impressed with Illinois Towing


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5.0 star rating


I'm a new driver and I just broke down the first time. I was on the side of the road by myself scared without my parents not knowing what to do since I just got my license recently. Thankfully I called Illinois towing service and they were super nice to me and knew exactly what they were doing!! I would definitely use again if I ever break down, and I would recommend to a friend! Thanks so much!


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5.0 star rating


Just wanted to say that my experience On Saturday with Illinois Towing Service was definately the best!! I had been loading my car with groceries and i had managed to lock my keys in the trunk of my car. I had called for AAA service and realized my child locked himself in the car as well. I had AAA call Illinois Towing Service to let them know. And within less than 10 minutes they were here ready to rock n roll. The AAA guy who introduced himself as Pat. Lol was in my car within seconds. Very polite, well groomed, and in full uniform. Explained to me the Pat name. As i laughed and we parted ways. I would very much so recommend them to provide their services again if ever needed in future!